snō white diamonds

The Fancy White Phenomenon

In the jewelry trade, the term “White Diamonds” is used to describe transparent / colorless diamonds. But diamonds, being a natural element in nature, are found in almost all colors of the rainbow depending on where on planet earth they are mined and what other natural minerals and effect the color in the formation of the diamond crystals.

Natural Fancy White diamonds are beautiful opaque white colored diamonds. The term ‘white diamonds’ is often used by members of the trade and many others when referring to the standard transparent, colorless diamonds. However, they are not transparent and colorless like people mistakenly understand.  Fancy White diamonds are the natural phenomenon of color diamonds that display a strong white face-up color.

snō white ring, a special design item

I came across this beautiful diamond as it was pinning on a display in a jewelry store. I couldn’t help but be drawn to its size! I have not seen a stone of such a beautiful white color in a size this big. It is a 2.513 ct Pear Shaped Brilliant Cut beauty… and the color was magical. A unicorn Diamond.

I knew I wanted to set it in a ring, a beautiful solitaire wedding ring and in my mind, the lady that would wear a bold ring like this would be as unique as the stone itself. The band has four Brilliant White Pear Diamonds totaling 0.456 ct , VS Clarity, H/G in Color, a beautiful contrast to the center stone, and the band is crowned with Brilliant Round Shaped diamonds, all set in 18kt white gold. A ring fit for a princess.

The “snō white” ring is a very special design, a one-off piece of jewelry that I hope I will have the opportunity to design more unique pieces of jewelry with milky white diamonds. And I am in the search for more unicorns.

Visit our showroom to view this special ring, but I warn you, it is only for the strong hearted.


Our first collaboration

Abdullah Alawadhi was my teacher when I was studying Architecture in Kuwait University. Soon after I graduated, I worked as his Teaching Assistant in Architectural Design Studio at the University. Our friendship started in the summer of 2003 in the magical city of Venice during a school trip, he has been my brother for over 15 years, and for that I am blessed.

One Ramadan evening, over the dining table in his father’s house after a lovely family iftar, conversations of existentialism gave birth to the idea of collaborating with a collection of jewelry that represents (and challenges) spirituality. I have learned so much from Abdullah throughout the years, his existence in my life has opened me up and allowed me to experience new states of being, and this collection is a celebration of what he teaches me, to always think (and listen) with my heart and my mind.

“And He found thee wandering, and He gave thee guidance.” – Ad-Duha (7)

The Quran is the holly book of Islam. It is believed to be the words of Allah channeled through his last prophet, Mohammad, Peace be upon him. In school, we are taught that the Quran has descended from the heavens for all humanity with a message for all sons and daughters of Adam and Eve. That, on itself is a very deep idea. Nevertheless, I still observe that many Muslims do not trust themselves in understanding the messages that were sent to them and therefore rely on interpretations by certain religious scholars.

As I was sitting with Abdullah at the table sketching the verses that he was explaining to me with such spiritual beauty and romance, the collection was born.

We selected verses from the Quran that are simple in their interpretations and sharp in their meaning knowing that it will be challenging for us to introduce such a collection to Kuwait.

“(It is:) freeing the bondman” – Al-Balad (13)

We decided to design a collection of silver genderless jewelry, with messages that you carry close to your heart or wear them as states of mind and being. The choice is yours, of what to place on your body as a prayer for yourself, and for others.

Designed in 925 Oxidized Silver, each piece in this collection is engraved at the back with the Aya and Sura from which it is taken from the Quran, and interpretations can be found in several books, but I suggest you listen to your heart and mind and find the message in it for you.

Find the collection on our website . International shipping available.

The Karats of Gold | Knowing your finesse

I have vivid memories of when I was 6 years old and would walk hand in hand with my grandmother in the small ally ways of the Mubarakiya Market early in the morning on a mission to sell some old pieces of gold jewelry she has. We would enter several shops before she can make the decision for it all depended on how close to the gold market price are they willing to buy.

I came to understand how every day the price of gold would rise or fall and why are we buying jewelry that costs more per gram than pure gold as the price per gram for manufacturing is negotiated, I enjoyed observing the process and memorizing the gold price each day we went and comparing it with her to the earlier times we went.

In the late 80’s and early 90’s in the G.C.C., women were mostly interested in 22K and 21K gold jewelry that was sometimes adorned with pearls and precious stones, diamond jewelry was not very sought after and was worn in weddings and bridal sets. Later in the 90’s and 2000’s diamonds were becoming more popular and 18K gold and White Gold was growing in popularity. Rose Gold however came later in the 2000’s as brands like Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels became more popular amongst the younger women.

White Gold and 18K Gold was referred to as “Italian Gold”, because as the name implies, that is where it was imported from before the technology to manufacture it locally was introduced after the market demanded.  

So, what is the difference between all of those karats of gold?

To break it down in a simple way, Gold is mixed with other metals to make it an alloy suitable for jewelry making and stone setting. Copper, silver, palladium and zinc are added to the gold in different percentages which effect the color and hardness of the gold alloy.

24K Gold (99.5% pure gold and above)

Pure gold is made of 24 parts gold. It is less dense and therefore softer and more pliable and rarely if ever used for jewelry. Gold coins and bars are bought of 24K and it takes a bright and saturated yellow color.

22K Gold (91.7% gold)

22K is made of 22 parts gold and 2 parts other metals making this alloy common in jewelry making. 22K Gold is still considered a soft metal and is therefore only used in plain gold jewelry and it is not preferable for jewelry that is heavily studded with stones or diamonds. Pearl Jewelry in the Arabian Gulf Countries is made of 22K gold which also has a bright yellow color.

18K Gold (75% gold)

18K is gold alloy with 18 parts gold and 6 parts other metals, it is harder than 22K and therefore ideal for setting diamonds and precious stones, it has a paler yellow color and is lower in price than 22K.

In Kuwait, it is illegal to sell any gold bellow 18K and state that it is “Gold Jewelry”, any piece of jewelry bellow 18K is considered an accessory in Kuwait. It is also mandatory for all Gold Jewelry shop owners to take a copy of the client’s Identification and contact number and submit them when needed to the National Committee Against Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing.