About me,

Hey, my name is Abrar, and I am an architect that fell in love with jewelry design. In 2011 I launched my brand, THHABA JEWELRY.

THHABA has allowed me to explore and express with every collection I design. I am finding a new appreciation for our beautiful planet with every gemstone I hold in my hand, and I am learning something new and with every visit to the goldsmith’s.

This curiosity made it’s way to become one of the core values of my company, while openness and transparency influenced our processes and communications. I started this blog to share with you what inspires me to design and find creativity as well as some of what allows me to experience beauty and appreciate this existence.

I feel that the value behind gemstones I use and the precious metals that make my designs manifest lies within the tales and inspirations that brought those valuable materials to life.

So much love,



My writings,