About Abrar

My name is Abrar, and I am the designer and owner of THHABA JEWELRY.

I honestly do not know where to start and what to share with you about myself, so I am just going to start from the beginning… or more accurately where I remember to be the beginning.

I have always been an artist and designer, and I luckily had a mother that encouraged that very much, I remember sitting on the tailor’s desk drawing out to him the dress I was going to wear for my uncle’s wedding.

I had picked out the fabric with my mom, a combination of orange and green silk, and designed the perfect dress. My dress was shorter in the front and longer at the back with fairy sleeves and a butterfly at the back that gave me wings, because after all, I was a fairy. I wore that dress to my uncle’s wedding, with a gold tiara and that was the first time I remember I designed something and actually saw it came to life. I was 7 years old. And my mother kept that dress for me.

My childhood and teenage years were always a pursuit of art, literature and music. before I was in high school I had read all of Shakespear’s plays, Listened to all the classic music compositions and at 8 years of age I was crying on the streets of Paris to go see the Mona Lisa when my brothers and cousins wanted to go to Parc Asterix. They had it their way, and I finally got to visit the Mona Lisa in 2019.

In my second year of Engineering school, right before I made the best decision. of my life and enrolled in Architecture School, I asked my father for his blessing in obtaining my financial independence, I promised him that I was ready to start taking full responsibility of myself and that I will find a way to make it happen. He had faith in me, and I am certain that he trusted I will always ask for help when I needed, little did he know that this was not an option I was even considering.

During my school years, I designed a few collections of Kaftans, two collections of hand bags and ventured into a few small investments here and there with the money I had made through the pop ups. I enjoyed creating and designing and I was encouraged by how people received my designs. But there was something missing.

I got bored easily and needed to be excited to be able to commit to continue doing one thing. My university projects were always a one time thing. I didn’t grow them and they did not grow nor fulfill me.

I graduated as an Architect and was assigned to work in the biggest construction project in Kuwait, Terminal 2. That same month, and for the first time, I stepped into a goldsmiths.

I discovered myself slowly and learned so many lessons in spirituality and love. I gained and I lost. But through it all, what kept me practicing Architecture and Jewelry design for over 9 years today with so much passion and drive was one thing… Learning.

I was blessed to have an amazing mentor in my work as an Architect, Faisal, My boss and brother. He know that my trigger to productivity was always being mentally engaged and challenged in my tasks. He knew, by observing me only, that I easily get bored and distracted, and for 9 years he was able to assign me to so many tasks and projects that educated me and kept me going.

As for my jewelry, I am learning something new with every collection I design, with every gemstone I hold in my hands and with every visit to the goldsmith. Learning and education has become one of the core values of THHABA, and I would like to embed that value throughout our processes and interactions with our suppliers and customers. I feel that people should know the stories and qualities of the jewelry they adorn themselves with and love the value behind those gemstones and designs not only for how precious they are in materials, but also for how rich they are in thought.

I started this blog to share with you all that inspires me in life, all that teaches me something new and allows me to experience beauty and appreciate the creation we live in. I hope my articles and ventures inspire you to be creative and find your drive and follow your dreams.

So much love XOXO


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