A stone only found under one hill on earth.

In the summer of 2009, My sister graduated from university the same time I was interning as an architect in NADAAA in Boston, MA. Naturally, being her elder sister, I wanted to treat my sister and celebrate her graduation, so I invited her on a cruise sailing to Mexico from New Orleans.

17.8 ct Tanzanite Cocktail Ring , THHABA JEWELRY 2015

On one of our ports of call, on the lovely Island of Cozumel, we went into a jewelry store and it was the first time that I laid eyes on a Tanzanite stone. I was fascinated by the intensity of the deep violet blue color and after asking more about this stone I learned that it came from Tanzania. I promised myself that one day, I will own a beautiful Tanzanite Ring.

Tanzanite is a beautiful fluke of nature, Millions of years ago, immense heat, pressure and a rare chemical called vanadium mixed together deep in the earth’s core at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro creating the beautiful blue-violet crystals of Tanzanite. Those conditions are so rare that according to geologist the chances of it occurring anywhere else on earth are a million to one! making Tanzanite one thousand times rarer than diamonds.

in 1967, a Massai Tribesman, Ali Juuyawatu, discovered a blue crystal. At first it was thought to be a sapphire, but the gem’s complex composition and unusual brilliant coloration revealed it to be an entirely new gemstone.

Tanzanite’s unique appearance is influenced by its pleochroism, which is the ability of a gemstone to show different colors when viewed in different crystal directions. Tanzanite’s pleochroism is documented as : red-violet, deep blue, and yellow green. Today, most gems are heat treated, which removes or reduces the yellow green or brownish pleochroic color, maximizing the blue and violet. 

8.6 ct Tanzanite Cocktail Ring, THHABA JEWELRY 2016

Top-quality Tanzanite can be violet blue, more violet than sapphires, while some stones might also appear more purplish depending on how the cutter fashioned the gem and both colors can be visible when tilting the stone because every Tanzanite is a blend of these pleochroic colors. Cool lighting will emphasize Tanzanite’s blue, while warm lighting will make it appear more violet-to-purple. 

Just like other colored gemstones, vivid strongly-colored tanzanites are more valuable and sought after while lighter ones, although they have a beauty of their own, are more available and more affordable.

I made my first Tanzanite ring in 2013, and it was a gift for my mom on mother’s day. I wanted her to have the first Tanzanite I ever designed, and it became one of her favorite pieces of jewelry.

Tanzanite mines are very small in size. The entire mining area in Merelani, Tanzania, East Africa is only 2 kilometers wide and 8 kilometers long, and the story of this beautiful gem is as fascinating as its violet blue color. We love Tanzanite, don’t you?

The Regal

It was very clear to me that the first set I design was to be unique, I wanted to use colored stones to make it unexpected and yet design it to be fit for royalty. I found the lapis lazuli in India, on a trip to source stones. Soon after I finalized the sketches for the design I had in mind, I started looking for the tanzanite stones that would be fitting of such a high piece of jewelry, pieces that are of high quality and of matching sizes, a challenging expedition that lasted over a year and finally I found the perfect six gems in Istanbul.

This beautiful creation is the first addition to the High Jewelry line of design, a One-Off set fit for a queen, or a princess.

After 3 years of design, production and sourcing of the gems and stones, I am happy to bring to life my first full set of 18Kt white and yellow gold, fabulous AAA Tanzanites and Brilliant white diamonds, the necklace and bracelets are a celebration of faceted beads of lapis lazuli twisted and tied in silk threads bringing forth the blue hue of the tanzanites. The tanzanites are beautifully symmetrical pear shaped and brilliant cut to perfection. Set in 18Kt yellow gold, this rare stone is designed to float in a halo of white round brilliant diamonds.

Following the Initial sketches and renderings, a 3D design was created so I was able to further define the spaces and fine details of the overall geometry of the sculpted pieces and we then began the casting and prepared the set for the stone setting.

Setting Tanzanites is very challenging, they have to be set with care and precision so as not to crack or scratch the gems. They are also not supposed to be placed is an ultrasonic cleaning machine as the stone will cleave (crack) at high temperatures and with the ultra sonic vibrations.

This set is very dear to my heart, and I am certain that it will adorn a woman that has an eye for only the finer things in life, a woman that appreciates the beauty and rarity of the piece of jewelry that lays on her skin, and one that always stands out in the crowd.

Make an appointment at the shop and I would be more than happy to share more information with you about this gemstone and show you the collection we have of loose stones and Tanzanite fine jewelry, or maybe we can sit together and design a high jewelry piece for you?

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