Snō White Diamonds

The Fancy White Phenomenon

In the jewelry trade, the term “White Diamonds” is used to describe transparent / colorless diamonds. But diamonds, being a natural element in nature, are found in almost all colors of the rainbow depending on where on planet earth they are mined and what other natural minerals and effect the color in the formation of the diamond crystals.

Natural Fancy White diamonds are beautiful opaque white colored diamonds. The term ‘white diamonds’ is often used by members of the trade and many others when referring to the standard transparent, colorless diamonds. However, they are not transparent and colorless like people mistakenly understand.  Fancy White diamonds are the natural phenomenon of color diamonds that display a strong white face-up color.

snō white ring, a special design item

I came across this beautiful diamond as it was pinning on a display in a jewelry store. I couldn’t help but be drawn to its size! I have not seen a stone of such a beautiful white color in a size this big. It is a 2.513 ct Pear Shaped Brilliant Cut beauty… and the color was magical. A unicorn Diamond.

I knew I wanted to set it in a ring, a beautiful solitaire wedding ring and in my mind, the lady that would wear a bold ring like this would be as unique as the stone itself. The band has four Brilliant White Pear Diamonds totaling 0.456 ct , VS Clarity, H/G in Color, a beautiful contrast to the center stone, and the band is crowned with Brilliant Round Shaped diamonds, all set in 18kt white gold. A ring fit for a princess.

The “snō white” ring is a very special design, a one-off piece of jewelry that I hope I will have the opportunity to design more unique pieces of jewelry with milky white diamonds. And I am in the search for more unicorns.

Visit our showroom to view this special ring, but I warn you, it is only for the strong hearted.

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